How is it that communion is accepted? This seems psychotic to me…..

  • “Drink this wine for it is my blood”
  • “Eat this wafer for is my body.

Well that sounds like vampirism and cannibalism to me. Amirite??

But the devout actually think the wine actually turns into his blood and the wafer actually turns into his body. Consuming these things somehow fills your body with……. uh, with what? Goodness? Love? Empty calories that won’t go straight to your waistline?

You do know that it’s possible to be a good, kind person without all this religious BS?

It’s a *choice*, just like so many other things in life.

Make better choices.

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Book Report: “Why Faith Fails – The Christian Delusion” by John W. Loftus

It’s possible to read, study, and diagnose the bible yourself. You can learn the original, ancient language it was written in. You can analyze the perspective of the writers and how they saw the world back then. And you can compare the bible to other writings from that time period to find inconsistencies.

It’s also possible to read what other people have written about it, thus saving you time & effort. The catch is finding smart people who have done their research and can convert this into reliable, logical, information.

This book relies on, not just one person’s writing & viewpoints, but several people; all of which are experts in their fields of study. Each chapter is written by a different author and has almost as many footnotes as it does actual sentences. This level of research & documenting shows exactly how extensive the authors go with their writings. The only drawback of having several authors is that each one has a different writing style & vocabulary, which makes some chapters easier to read than others.

This book has many interesting discussions and I found 2 chapters to be spot-on:

  • Chapter 9 – The Darwinian Problem of Evil
  • Chapter 12 – At Best Jesus Was a Failed Apocalyptic Prophet

Chapter 9 discusses how animal suffering cannot be reconciled with the Christian faith and is one of the strongest reasons to reject it. Why would an “all-loving creator” make animals only so they can suffer and die, either by way of other animals or by the hand of man?

Chapter 12 discusses Jesus, his claim to be the son of God and how he did not establish himself as such. At best, he was just another failed apocalyptic prophet.

This book wraps up with a subject that I (and many others) have thought to be extremely important for the advancement of all of mankind:

“Had Christianity not interrupted the intellectual advance of mankind and put the progress of science on hold for a thousand years, the Scientific Revolution might have occurred a thousand years ago, and our science and technology today would be a thousand years more advanced. This is a painful truth that some Christians simply don’t want to hear or accept. Hence they flee into the delusion that it isn’t true, that Christianity was instead so wonderful it not only caused modern science, but was essential to it. But, as the facts prove, that simply isn’t true.”

Why Faith Fails – The Christian Delusion. page 414
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Christian Misogyny Rears It’s Ugly Head Yet Again

For the most part, I like Dave Ramsey. He gives solid, down-to-earth financial advice and he’s not afraid to call you to the mat if you’re screwing up. I like his financial advice so much that it spurred me to write a series of articles that summarize his advice. (Money Matters – An Introduction to Personal Finance Management | Hemibill’s Blog (

But that’s where we part ways.

Recently I read an article that talked about Dave’s company, Ramsey Solutions, that had terminated a female employee because she became pregnant, out of wedlock. And this isn’t the first time. (Can you be fired over your sex life? Dave Ramsey thinks so (

The company is trying to fall back on their Christian values, claiming the employee broke the rule regarding “righteous living”, though they don’t define exactly what this means.

Let’s not forget that a female can get pregnant, thus outwardly showing that she had sex, but a male can not. And let’s also not forget the invisible double standard that we have regarding people who enjoy a healthy sex life – guys are considered virile if they have multiple partners but women are slut-shamed for the same thing.

Maybe Dave doesn’t realize exactly how many people in his state are sexually active … (Pornhub reveals, state by state, its most popular search terms among U.S. users – GeekWire)

And of course, the Bible has lots to say regarding “family values”, so much so that it could fill numerous posts just by itself. (Biblical Family Values (

Can you truly slut-shame without knowing what a slut is? – The Context Of  Things
Less slut-shaming = More sex. YAAAY! - 9GAG
Why Are Users of PrEP Being Slut Shamed? | HuffPost
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The ultimate scapegoat

scapegoat  [skeyp-goht ]


A person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place.

Chiefly Biblicala goat let loose in the wilderness on Yom Kippur after the high priest symbolically laid the sins of the people on its head. Leviticus 16:8,10,26.

verb (used with object)

To make a scapegoat of: Strike leaders tried to scapegoat foreign competitors.

The Bible passage named above describes a method of casting your sins upon a goat, then sacrificing that goat to the lord, so that your sins are absolved. Don’t improve yourself as a person, don’t right the wrongs you have done, just cast your sins on some other life form (one that YOU have dominance over) and then murder it, giving the blood and fat as a sacrificial offering.
I’d recommend you read that entire passage and think about how absurd this entire procedure really is, especially the numerology of doing things 7 times. What kind of black magic witchcraft is this? Is this a high school chemistry class? Or is it just easier to shift the blame onto a defenseless animal? Sounds like a terrible way to treat an animal, especially one that could be used as a food source in a deprived country.
Enter the literary foil, a savior for all, a scapegoat for your sins: Jesus.
Christian’s love to push John 3:16 at the only instructions you need. Just believe in him and all will be right in the world. just believe! He will save you from this world and give you eternal life.
And make sure you tithe, because nothing in life is free.

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Hey! That’s my kid you’re talking about!

Does the Bible say left-handed people were sinners? It does not come right out and say so, but many people think it does try to imply this.

The Hebrew Bible mentions left-handed people on three occasions: the story of Ehud’s assassination of the Moabite king (Judges 3:12–30), the 700 Benjamites who could use the sling with deadly accuracy (Judges 20:16) and the two-dozen ambidextrous warriors who came to support David in Hebron (1 Chronicles 12:2). All of these stories of left-handed people in the Bible appear in military contexts, and, curiously, all involve members of the tribe of Benjamin.

Left-handed people were seen as evil and part of the occult.

I borrowed some insight from another blog post I read because it explains so much:

Being a lefty in the recent past is no different from being gay in the present.

In Christianity, and even in other religions, the right side is associated with the favored hand of God, which means that the other side, the left side, is associated with the devil.

Imagine that: In the past, if you were simply a lefty, you would have been punished and forced to convert to using your other hand, because those in power at the time believed that it was sacrilegious and even went against God. In contrast, in the present, it’s universally accepted that lefties are, on average, more creative, more artistic and more innovative than those who are right-handed.

And I am among brilliant company. In addition to the figures mentioned earlier, five out of the last seven presidents were lefties (including Barack Obama). The list is too vast, too brilliant and too significant to name them all without leaving out so many. We may only be 10 percent of the population, but it appears that we are a majority of history’s most significant individuals.


My own son is left-handed, something that I noted when he was only 6 months old, holding a bottle by himself. His mother said that children don’t develop that trait at such an early age; yet another claim she got wrong. He’s 27 now and just perfect.


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The war against….


  • Christians
  • Heaving
  • Ridiculously
  • Insatiable
  • Stupidity
  • Towards
  • Most
  • Atheists/
  • Secularists

No, there isn’t a war against Christmas, the war is against STUPIDITY, which many people (especially Christians) seem to think that being stupid is a good thing. I’ve railed on before about how the holidays would be so much easier of people were honest with their children, rather than tell them some lie about a jolly fat man who brings them presents IF they are good. I know this because I used to be an elf.

I was reminded of this simple yet seemingly impossible task this morning when I was at the local Wally-World, buying yet another $100 worth of “stuff”, which thanks to modern hidden inflation, now fits nicely into just one bag. The young woman in front of me in line was struggling with her cart full of stuff while her (roughly 8 year old) son was tinkering with some of the toys that lined the gauntlet leading up to the register. He picked up one toy (some plastic guy/truck/action figure/hell, I don’t remember) and he commented: “This is the one Santa brought me last year!”. I wonder if the kid will ever realize that Santa doesn’t exist and his mother bought him the toy. Sadly, the chances are good that he never will. I also wonder if the mom will ever realize that the store has created that “toy gauntlet” specifically to make her spend more money. Again, the chances are good that she never will.

Something else that really bugs me is the over-commercialization of anything, and Christmas is by far the winner in this category. It’s one thing to tell your kids that Santa flies around the world in one night, delivering presents to all the good kids. It’s a highly implausible story, yet parents keep telling this story and kids keep eating it up. But how do you explain an inflatable, soft, Santa helicopter? Seriously, are all of the reindeer sick this season? Or has your mythological old man upgraded to some modern technology in the world-wide parcel delivery business?

And don’t get me wrong, I do like some Christmas lights, especially the more “conservative” arrangements. The “illuminated trees” are a nice modern touch that I think works nicely with palm trees.

But just when I thought I’d seen it all, another neighbor has a festive Mickey Mouse. Fan-fucking-tastic.

Maybe he can team up with KFC (Kentucky Fried Claus) and they can produce a “fried-rat-on-a-stick”; which seems about as plausible a treat as anything else the sheeple are willing to eat up every holiday season.


Hell I even have some lights up on my home, so apparently I’m not as “hum-bug”-ish as most people think I am.


So if you still think there is a “war on Christmas”, do us all a small favor and research the actual history of this claimed event as well as all the history regarding other claims which share very similar history. Go ahead, I’ll wait….

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The voice of God?

Below is an exchange I posted to I’m interested if anyone here has an opinion or an idea regarding this incident.


I would like to relay an event that happened to me some years ago. As outrageous as this may sound, I swear that this happened as I describe it.

Back in the mid 1990s, I was married to a girl that I despised. She was not what I wanted in a wife, but she was the mother of my only child. Yes, we got married because she was pregnant, but that’s another discussion.

At the time, we were sharing a house with her parents and my son was about 5 years old. My wife & I got into yet another stupid argument and of course, her parents took her side of the argument, simply because they were family. I was out numbered and furiously mad so I went to our bedroom and took my rifle down from the shelf. It was loaded and for a moment I thought about who was going to die first.

  • If I killed myself, my son would grow up with only her family as primary influence. She would “win” and that was not a win in my eyes.
  • If I killed her and her parents, I would go to jail forever and my son would grow up fatherless, definitely not a “win”.
  • If I killed my son and then myself, it would deprive her & her family of the opportunity to screw up my son’s life any more.

As I was standing there, thinking about the best way to use 7 rounds of Winchester’s finest 30-30 ammo, an audible voice in my head said “Unload the gun NOW, before someone gets hurt”. Yes, it was an actual voice, as real as any I had ever heard. It was a man’s voice, but other than that, it was quite ordinary. I unloaded the rifle, placed it and the ammo back on the shelf, and I sat on the edge of the bed. All of a sudden, my entire body shook uncontrollably. I relaxed, calmed down, and eventually walked out of the bedroom.

I can attribute the shaking to the adrenaline in my body running out, but the voice….. I have no idea. Could that have been “God” or some guardian angel, or maybe it was just my own common sense telling me to not make the ultimate mistake? I don’t know.

You will be happy to hear that I did divorce her a few years later, then won back custody of my son. He is 23 now and quite normal by all measurements, so I must have done something right in raising him.

Thank you,


Follow up:

I would prefer to attribute that voice to my own common sense, though I had never heard it before and never since. (I sure could have used that voice telling me otherwise just before I married her!) And it was a very stressful situation, so who knows exactly how the brain works given that level of stress.

In an odd way, it might be related to how the brain and your senses act if you are in a car crash and everything seems to go into slow-motion. (I’ve been in that situation too, and I can attest that it does happen).


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Please pass the potatoes


I’ve railed before about giving credit where credit is due, so I won’t rehash that subject here in the text. But what’s really eye opening is some people actually think SIN can be passed down from one generation to another. Really?!?! Is there a “sin gene” because I’d like to know, I bet my son would like to know and I’m certain every scientist who studies genetics would like to know too.



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Let’s not beat around the bush…..

Let’s be perfectly clear here – the #1 reason why sex exists is for procreation of the species, but the #1 reason why humans engage in sexual activity is because it’s enjoyable. There, I said it, sex is FUN. And many times fun gets interrupted by reality, like an unwanted pregnancy.

So how can one have a little bit of fun and not be interrupted by reality? Take matters into your own hands! (pun intended)

There are many lines in the Bible that addresses sex and even a few that address masturbation. Genesis 38:9-10, Leviticus 15:16, and Matthew 5:28-30 come to mind.

But the bigger question is WHY this information is mentioned. Because 2000 years ago, cleanliness was next to godliness! Actually, this was probably documented because someone was trying to improve the overall look of the city as well as the health and well being of the population; what a concept that must have been back then!

Think about the sheer amount of bodily fluids that might have been puddling up, waiting for someone to stumble upon.  Can’t have the maintenance of the city’s walkways turning into a “sticky situation”. (again, pun intended) So if the law of the land forbids having fun, then the city stays clean and the tourist visit rather than spending their hard earned shekels somewhere else. AND, if the people keep their fluids contained within other people (rather than wasting them on the ground), then eventually there will be more people available to tithe to the local church. So in the end, it’s a marketing decision!

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A modern book?

jefferson_bibleThomas Jefferson wrote a synopsis of the Bible by trimming out all of the supernatural stuff, trying to keep just the morals and teachings (keeping the meat, tossing the potatoes). He did this with a razor knife and glue, so I wonder if the final product turned out looking like a bad ransom note. I bet he would have loved to have a laptop computer with Word Perfect on it. I do give him credit for trying though.





the_way“The Way” was a 1970s attempt to “modernize” the historical Bible, but what would the Bible say if it were written today, using the world that we currently have, see and experience as the perspective of the author(s)?


But were any of the know problems in the Bible corrected through the years and/or translations? Wikipedia is updated all the time and yet the Bible still has many errors and inconsistencies.


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