Happy Easter!

So today is Easter Sunday, the day Christians celebrate the anniversary of Jesus rising from his grave and ascending into heaven. Sounds like a zombie movie plot if I’ve ever heard one.

And exactly how do they celebrate this holiday (holy-day)? They get all dressed up in their best clothes and go to church, much like every other Sunday, but today might include a floppy bonnet or some other garb that is even nicer than their usual attire. Good for them, nice to see they are working hard in this “down economy” to keep the global bonnet sales figures up there.

And after today’s church services, there will probably be an Easter egg hunt on the church lawn, which as explained to the children, were put there by a rabbit. Little kids with baskets try to find the eggs (real, candy, or plastic) that have been hidden in every nook & cranny. Some eggs are hard boiled and then dyed or painted to pretty them up, while others (the plastic ones) have money or some other treat inside of them. It’s a great way to teach your children hunting skills that will NEVER be used in the real world while getting them hooked on sugar & capitalism at the same time! Can someone explain to me how this correlates to zombie Jesus?

Afterwards, everyone goes home and cooks up enough food to feed a small army, usually ham and numerous side dishes. It’s no wonder that childhood obesity is on the rise in almost every industrialized country, especially here in the USA.

So today I have a challenge for you – to sit down with your children and have an HONEST discussion with them, talking about the real world we live in and explaining all of the points that I have highlighted in this post. Because honesty is the best policy…. right?


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