A modern book?

jefferson_bibleThomas Jefferson wrote a synopsis of the Bible by trimming out all of the supernatural stuff, trying to keep just the morals and teachings (keeping the meat, tossing the potatoes). He did this with a razor knife and glue, so I wonder if the final product turned out looking like a bad ransom note. I bet he would have loved to have a laptop computer with Word Perfect on it. I do give him credit for trying though.





the_way“The Way” was a 1970s attempt to “modernize” the historical Bible, but what would the Bible say if it were written today, using the world that we currently have, see and experience as the perspective of the author(s)?


But were any of the know problems in the Bible corrected through the years and/or translations? Wikipedia is updated all the time and yet the Bible still has many errors and inconsistencies.


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