Let’s not beat around the bush…..

Let’s be perfectly clear here – the #1 reason why sex exists is for procreation of the species, but the #1 reason why humans engage in sexual activity is because it’s enjoyable. There, I said it, sex is FUN. And many times fun gets interrupted by reality, like an unwanted pregnancy.

So how can one have a little bit of fun and not be interrupted by reality? Take matters into your own hands! (pun intended)

There are many lines in the Bible that addresses sex and even a few that address masturbation. Genesis 38:9-10, Leviticus 15:16, and Matthew 5:28-30 come to mind.

But the bigger question is WHY this information is mentioned. Because 2000 years ago, cleanliness was next to godliness! Actually, this was probably documented because someone was trying to improve the overall look of the city as well as the health and well being of the population; what a concept that must have been back then!

Think about the sheer amount of bodily fluids that might have been puddling up, waiting for someone to stumble upon.  Can’t have the maintenance of the city’s walkways turning into a “sticky situation”. (again, pun intended) So if the law of the land forbids having fun, then the city stays clean and the tourist visit rather than spending their hard earned shekels somewhere else. AND, if the people keep their fluids contained within other people (rather than wasting them on the ground), then eventually there will be more people available to tithe to the local church. So in the end, it’s a marketing decision!

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