Hey! That’s my kid you’re talking about!

Does the Bible say left-handed people were sinners? It does not come right out and say so, but many people think it does try to imply this.

The Hebrew Bible mentions left-handed people on three occasions: the story of Ehud’s assassination of the Moabite king (Judges 3:12–30), the 700 Benjamites who could use the sling with deadly accuracy (Judges 20:16) and the two-dozen ambidextrous warriors who came to support David in Hebron (1 Chronicles 12:2). All of these stories of left-handed people in the Bible appear in military contexts, and, curiously, all involve members of the tribe of Benjamin.

Left-handed people were seen as evil and part of the occult.

I borrowed some insight from another blog post I read because it explains so much:

Being a lefty in the recent past is no different from being gay in the present.

In Christianity, and even in other religions, the right side is associated with the favored hand of God, which means that the other side, the left side, is associated with the devil.

Imagine that: In the past, if you were simply a lefty, you would have been punished and forced to convert to using your other hand, because those in power at the time believed that it was sacrilegious and even went against God. In contrast, in the present, it’s universally accepted that lefties are, on average, more creative, more artistic and more innovative than those who are right-handed.

And I am among brilliant company. In addition to the figures mentioned earlier, five out of the last seven presidents were lefties (including Barack Obama). The list is too vast, too brilliant and too significant to name them all without leaving out so many. We may only be 10 percent of the population, but it appears that we are a majority of history’s most significant individuals.


My own son is left-handed, something that I noted when he was only 6 months old, holding a bottle by himself. His mother said that children don’t develop that trait at such an early age; yet another claim she got wrong. He’s 27 now and just perfect.


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