Christian Misogyny Rears It’s Ugly Head Yet Again

For the most part, I like Dave Ramsey. He gives solid, down-to-earth financial advice and he’s not afraid to call you to the mat if you’re screwing up. I like his financial advice so much that it spurred me to write a series of articles that summarize his advice. (Money Matters – An Introduction to Personal Finance Management | Hemibill’s Blog (

But that’s where we part ways.

Recently I read an article that talked about Dave’s company, Ramsey Solutions, that had terminated a female employee because she became pregnant, out of wedlock. And this isn’t the first time. (Can you be fired over your sex life? Dave Ramsey thinks so (

The company is trying to fall back on their Christian values, claiming the employee broke the rule regarding “righteous living”, though they don’t define exactly what this means.

Let’s not forget that a female can get pregnant, thus outwardly showing that she had sex, but a male can not. And let’s also not forget the invisible double standard that we have regarding people who enjoy a healthy sex life – guys are considered virile if they have multiple partners but women are slut-shamed for the same thing.

Maybe Dave doesn’t realize exactly how many people in his state are sexually active … (Pornhub reveals, state by state, its most popular search terms among U.S. users – GeekWire)

And of course, the Bible has lots to say regarding “family values”, so much so that it could fill numerous posts just by itself. (Biblical Family Values (

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