The expression “Thank God It’s Friday” makes no sense to me. This expression comes from the fact that most people loathe the Monday-through-Friday work week; something that man invented, not God (assuming he exists, but that’s another discussion).

No where in the Bible does it even mention a Monday-through-Friday work week. No where! The 40-hour work week is an invention of man kind and it came about starting with the industrial revolution in Britain in the early 1800s. Child labor was common and most people worked from 10 to 16 hours for six days a week. Protests popped up over the next 100 years until the 40-hour work week was established in America by the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1937.

So here’s something to think about – if so many people are tired of a 40-hour work week, why do we still have it? Why hasn’t the work week been shortened yet again? With our current level of technology, we can reduce the amount of manual human labor needed to produce enough food & goods to keep everyone at our current levels. And with the continued improvements in technology, manufacturing, and farming, there is only one reason why we don’t implement this system right now – greed.


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