Paper or plastic?

There’s a terrible joke that describes the number of paper bags you need to have sex with an ugly girl. One bag to cover her face (so you don’t see her), one to cover your face (in case her bag falls of) and a third bag available on the night stand in case a stranger walks in on your romantic endeavor (so they can cover up too).

So, what if the story of Mary & the virgin birth (Jesus) wasn’t actually created by Mary (as a way to cover up her own infidelity), but instead was created by Joseph because he did not want to admit he had sex with an ugly girl? Imagine he’s talking with his buddies and they find out Mary is pregnant…..

  • “Dude, did you f#ck her?”
  • “Noooooo, no way!! She’s pregnant with God’s child. It’s immaculate conception I tell you!!”

Guys always boast about their sexual “conquests” and they usually lie about their failures.


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